Saturday, March 28, 2015
5:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Shriver Aquatics Center, North Bethesda, MD

Aloha Splash Pool Open Water Swims is a unique simulated open
water swim event and an early season opportunity for triathletes and
open water swimmers to practice open water skills, like pack
swimming, sighting and drafting, in a friendly, non-competitive
atmosphere. All ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged to
enter and swim. The Kennedy Shriver Aquatics Center will be
transformed from a lap pool to an open water swimming oasis filled
with the aloha spirit of peace, compassion and the essence of life.

This event benefits  the Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
program by raising awareness of the intellectually disabled
community, which has the goal of
100 athletes participate in the
1500 meter race at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in
Los Angeles.
Your support will help reach this goal and the Special
Olympics objectives to:

1. Promote and build awareness of Special Olympics Open Water
and the Unified Sports movement.
2. Raise funds to support Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
programs worldwide.
3. Facilitate training and racing opportunities internationally to
expand the number of Special Olympics athletes participating in
Open Water Swims around the world.

Bring your family and friends for a day of Aloha Fun. This event will
have something for everyone:

•        Open Water Clinic
•        DJ and Music
•        Special Guest Appearances
•        Swim and Triathlon products and services
•        Light fare and refreshments
•        Warm water leisure pool
•        Two hydrotherapy pools
•        Water slide
•        And more fun than you can have without a sandy beach...
Copyright 2015 US Open Water Swimming Association / WaveOne Swimming


DATE:  Saturday, TBD

Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center
(formally known as "the MAC" Montgomery Aquatic Center)
5900 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852
(240) 777-8070
Information for the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center
Click here
Event Web Site: www.alohasplash.com
For Info contact: info@alohasplash.com
Event Director: Denis Crean  Email: info@waveoneswimming.com

SPONSOR/HOST:  WaveOne Swimming,

150 meters
500 meters
1,500 meters

Check in opens 4:00 PM
Aloha Splash begins 5:00 PM
Open Water Clinic and Celebrity Swim Demonstration 5:15 PM
150m Swims 5:40 PM
500m Swims 6:00 PM
1,500m Swims 6:45 PM

COURSE:  All lane lines will be removed and bulk heads pushed to the ends to
open up the 50 meter pool. Six turns buoys will be placed in the pool in an hour glass
path to create a 150 meter course. Nautical and “aloha” decorations, such as inflatable
palm trees, will be placed outside the swim course to create a festive feel. All swims will
have  in-water starts from a designated starting line.  

ENTRIES:  All entries must be submitted online
HERE>>.   All signatures, including coach’
s verification, must be on the entry form prior to participation.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Online entries must be submitted by, 6pm Friday T
BD.  Race day
entries will be accepted until 5:00PM.

WALK UP ENTRIES:  Will be accepted on event day until 5:00 PM. There will be an
additional $10 fee for event day entries.   

$15 150m Swim
$30 500m Swim
$40 1,500 Swim

RULES:  Modified 2015 USA Swimming Open Water Swimming Rules will govern this

ELIGIBILITY: Each swimmer must be entered on the official on line entry forms provided.
Each swimmer  must sign an event waiver. Swimmers under 18 entering the meet  must
have form completed and signed by their parent or guardian. Only one swimmer may enter
per entry form.

SWIMMER CHECK-IN: Check in opens at 4:00PM  for body marking. Please arrive at least
30 minutes prior to your event for check in.   Swim heats will be posted on  deck and
various locations prior to the event.

SAFETY:  Safety Briefing and Clinic: There will be a safety briefing and open water clinic
prior to the start of the swims. The clinic will review open water starts, sighting, turns, and
etiquette. It will also include a Celebrity Demonstration Swim to highlight open water skills
and as a visual review of the swim course. This event follows modified USA Swimming
Open Water Swimming Rules and open water safety guidelines.  Kayakers "in-water"
lifeguards will be located on the course and life guards will be on site and prepared to
administer aid if necessary. Kayakers’ and life guards' instructions to swimmers must be
followed.  Meet swim caps will be provided and must be worn by all competitors. Once a
swimmer exits the water during a race, the swimmer may not re-enter the water during that

TIMING: A large digital clock at the swim finish will display the running race time.
Swimmer finish times will be recorded as swimmers complete the course and will be
posted shortly after the completion of each swim.

WARM-UP:   Warm up and cool down will be permitted in the auxiliary pool. There will be
no warm up in the main pool.

TIME LIMIT: It is the event director's intention to provide ample time for all swimmers to
finish the event. Over the Time Limit (OTL) will be based on the discretion of the Event
Director in relation to the scheduled timeline. Swimmers still on the course may be
removed from the swim course at the Referee’s discretion.

WEATHER DELAY:  It's indoors!

CANCELLATION:  If cancellation is necessary for any unforeseen circumstances
notifications will be sent to registered participants via email and also will be posted on the
Aloha Splash web site: www.AlohaSplash.com at the earliest point possible. Please check
the web site before traveling to the venue.   Entry Fees are nonrefundable. Refunds of any
portion or kind will not be given for any reason other than forced withdrawal prior to the
start of the swims.

RECOGNITION AWARDS: All finishers will receive a recognition award.

SWIM TIMES: Will be posted on the website asap following the event.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Pool temperature ranges from 80F - 82F.

WETSUITS and SWIM APPAREL: Swimmers may not wear wetsuits or a “full-body” suit.  Up
to two swim caps may be worn and the outer cap must be the colored race cap provided
on site to all competitors.  In addition to goggles, nose-clips, ear plugs, and watches are

EVENT DIRECTOR and WaveOne Swimming reserve the right to make changes at their
sole discretion. All events and pricing subject to change without notice. WaveOne
Swimming is a dba of United States Open Water Swimming Association.

Address any questions to: info@waveoneswimming.com
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Aloha Splash
Pool Open Water Swims
Special Olympics Open Water Swimming
Aloha Splash Facts

Swim Date:

Kennedy Shriver Aquatics  
Center (formerly known as the
Montgomery Aquatics Center
(MAC)), North Bethesda, MD

Swim Distances:
150 meter
500 meter
1,500 meter

Open Water Safety Clinic to
review starts, turns, and

Check in opens at 4:00 PM
Aloha Splash begins 5:00 PM
Clinic & Demonstration Swim
begins at 5:15 PM
Races begin at 5:40 PM

$15 150m Swim
$30 500m Swim
$40 1,500m Swim
See www.waveoneswimming.com  for
upcoming dates

Swim Distances:
150 m  - 500 m - 1,500 m